Ms. Urmila Agarwal


Ms. Urmila Agarwal With over two decades of expertise and knowledge about the garment manufacturing sector, Ms. Urmila Agarwal is the brain behind the origin of TCI EXIM. Ms. Agarwal began her professional career with TCI EXIM.

Today TCI EXIM is amongst the upcoming Garment manufacturing companies in India. The company has a vast supply network in Europe. Well travelled around the globe, she has been keeping pace with changing trends in the garment industry across the world. A successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an excellent homemaker, Ms. Agarwal has accomplished laurels in every sphere of life. She has left no stone unturned to make TCI EXIM a success story.

A humanitarian and social work patron, Ms. Agarwal has actively been working to increase awareness about social concerns like primary education, reproductive and childcare, and eye health care. She has also significantly contributed her efforts and time towards causes like prevention of HIV/AIDS, women and child development and family welfare. Her compassion for social causes has been evident in the district of Churu (Rajasthan). Mrs Agarwal was a key catalyst for the community development of native population in the district. She has been the key facilitator in ensuring her support towards the programs like education, healthcare and water and sanitation, arts & culture in the district.